Selecting a well-rounded and competent TPA is Critical For a successful future

Providing exceptional third party healthcare benefit administration is the primary focus of Shasta Administrative Services.

We serve self-funded employers with the best products, services and technology attainable. Shasta excels in customer service, payment accuracy, cost containment and claims management. We understand the value of outsourcing and work as a partner to get pro-active, results-oriented programs that meet the unique needs of each client. Administering a comprehensive array of products and services, we have the expertise to help you make educated decisions regarding your plan. At Shasta we take pride in being good stewards, and our efficient, professional staff delivers innovative products, flexibility and world-class service. We have the knowledge base and proven experience to build, manage and implement specialty plans and take advantage of opportunities to maximize savings. From communicating your plan to members in enrollment to processing claims, our services are accurate, cost-effective and compassionate.  

Shasta is one of the best companies to call.
— Chris